PhD Thesis


About Spectral Geometry of Algebraic Curves


Motivated by algebraic curves, we consider a class of degenerated metrics with finite many cone like singularities on connected compact Riemannian surfaces. The ζ regularized determinant det Δ of the Laplacian can be defined based on the ζ function like in the non singular case.

     The Polyakov formula, which measures the variation of det Δ under conform variation of the metric, can be adapted to the class of singular metrics we consider.

     For a special subclass of metrics we establish a uniformization theorem, stating that each of these metrics is conform equivalent to a metric of constant curvature. For other metrics of the considered class there is not such a statement. We give a counterexample.

     We show that metrics of the subclass mentioned earlier after uniformization are warped products near singularities. It follows immediately that geodesic circles around a singularity are smooth.

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