Unicycling and traffic laws - (almost) an eternal story

Some years ago, German traffic laws didn't mention the word unicycle, neither explicit nor implicit. Meanwhile that has changed...


Useful information and frequently asked question about unicycling

This text was originally written for another purpose. It's a bit formal, but that was necessary then. It doesn't mean that unicycling is a boring matter.


Spins - why do they work at all?

I consider spins as one of the most fascinating aspects of unicycling. At a first glance, spins seem to to be a contradiction to physics. This essay tries to explain, why spins and physics fit together.


Comparing the speed of unicycles

When knowing how fast a unicycle is going, can you determine the speed of other uniycles? This article tries to answer that question.


What uphill gradient can you ride?

What is the maximum gradient that can be ridden uphill by unicycle? That of course depends on the rider, on the unicycle, and many more. But there's a physical limit we want to evaluate in this article.


How to ride curves with a unicycle?

Riding curves with a unicycle is not too exciting. Most unicyclists do this without thinking. This article focuses on what happens when riding a curve. We will see that the mechanisms are not trivial at all.