International Unicycling Federation

The International Unicycling Federation (IUF) is the world's unicycling head organization. Information about IUF are offered here as well as competition rules, results and announcements.

Einradverband Deutschland

The Einradverband Deutschland (EVD) is a German unicycling association. It is a, not the German unicycling association, as there are other organizations representing unicycling as well. Nevertheless, EVD is the only one taking care of unicycling exclusively (instead of focusing on other sports and taking in unicycling as an addendum), and fully complying to IUF regulations.

Deutsche Einradhockeyliga

In Germany there is no general unicycling organization. But there is the Deutsche Einradhockeyliga (EDEL [German Unicycling Hockey League], the first E means Erste [first], as the abbreviation DEL was already occupied by Deutsche Eishockeyliga [German Ice Hockey League]). Here you can get the current league situation, tournament rules, a list of teams and information about each tournament.

Unicycling Society of America

The Unicycling Society of America (USA) is the American unicycling organization. They offer information about USA, competition rules (there are some minor differences between the rule books of USA and IUF) and lots of useful information about unicycling as a competitive sport.

Japan Unicycling Association

The Japan Unicycling Association (JUA) is the Japanese unicycling organization. As their page is only available in Japanese, I don't know, what kind of information there is.