This list of links is not intended to be a complete list of any link about unicycling. I only selected some links, I consider as most worth to check out. All the links that appear in other categories like Organizations or Manufacturers/Traders are missing here as well.

You may like to check out a much more comprehensive list of links at the Unicycling Page. You will obtain several hits, when searching for key words like unicycle or unicycling at one of the well known search engines.


The Unicycling Page

It's the internet page about unicycling. Here you will find addresses, announcements, a very comprehensive FAQ, links to nearby every important page about unicycling and lots of other information about unicycling and related topics.

Homepage der deutschen Einradfahrer

Homepage der deutschen Einradfahrer [home page of German unicyclists] is a page that offers general information about unicycling as well as lots of announcements, addresses and links especially for German unicyclists. Then, unlike most others, this page is available in German. Especially people who are not used to the English language may be pleased by that fact.

Things not to do on a Unicycle

There are things, you should not to do with a unicycle. Of course every unicyclist has tried some feats, not recommended to do. John Foss put up a large list of those things.

Been there. Done that.

When talking to non unicyclists or beginners about unicycling, they often offer funny ideas, what to do with the unicycle, e.g. "Get a break for your unicycle!" or "Have you ever tried bouncing on a trampoline with the unicycle?". Most times the answer is "It has been done." Probably everything you can imagine and some more already have been done. That is a list of the most amazing things, put up by Julian Orbach.

Unicycling at TSG Wiesloch

Varieté Schnick-Schnack

Don't miss it!